In a routine he has taken part of since his days in the minor leagues, Mariano Rivera was in the outfield in Kansas City prior to tonight’s game against the Royals shagging fly balls. This time would be different than all the other routine catches he has made, as this time he would land awkwardly on the warning track and laid on the ground in pain.

Rivera suffered a torn ACL before the game tonight in KC

Grabbing his leg, the trainer’s cart made its way to the legendary closer and picked him up and put him on the cart and proceeded to drive off the field.

Throughout the game, thoughts were all on Rivera as fans wondered what the outcome of the injury would be. In a post-game press conference Joe Girardi said that the preliminary MRI showed a torn ACL.

The team and Rivera are seeking a second opinion and hoping that this initial test has shown false results.

If the injury is in fact a torn ACL that would mean the season is over for Rivera and more than likely, his historic career would be too. After all Rivera has done for the Yankees, and the sport of baseball throughout his career, he deserves better than this as an exit from baseball. He deserves a booming ovation from the Yankee faithful in the Bronx.

Let us all hope for the best, and a speedy recovery for Mariano. The likelihood of us seeing him again this season is very unlikely, but we can all hope that he can muster up one last tour with the Yankees in 2013.

If this is indeed the end for the Sandman, let us know some of your favorite memories that Mariano Rivera has left you with during his time in the pinstripes.

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  • Nytro40

    This is heartbreaking!!!!!!!!

  • debipics

    It was because of Mariano’s work that drew me back into baseball all those years ago. I can only pray as I am sure he is that this is not a career ending injiry and he gets the recognition he so rightly deserves from the fan at home! It is a very sad day in Yankee history for sure. HANG IN THERE Mariano. You have lots of people who love you! Best wishes go your way.

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