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This is the most controversial video in Bronx Pinstripes history

La Bodega – #StadiumEats

If you go to Yankee Stadium to see the #Yankees enough times, you may hear rumors of a "La Bodega". If you keep going and meet the right people, you may just get the invite. JJ went and risked it all to give you a small peek into what happens behind the Bodega. (He got yelled at for this.)

Posted by Bronx Pinstripes on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Every week, I put out a video of some food or drink item at a baseball stadium. It’s usually inside Yankee Stadium, but sometimes I like to get adventurous and explore the neighborhood. I have reviewed all the bars near the stadium, and the time came for me to review “La Bodega”. If you don’t know how things work there or where it is, you still don’t from watching this video, but people in the comments are BIG MAD.