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Rumor has it that the Yankees are interested in both Edwin Jackson (left) and Matt Garza (right).

Yankees Exploring Trades for Garza, Jackson?

Rumor has it that the Yankees are interested in both Edwin Jackson (left) and Matt Garza (right).

Here we go. As June begins, so do the hot stove rumors, and as usual, the Yankees are one of the first names brought up. Two separate reports yesterday had the Yankees interested in making a move to bolster their starting rotation, which has had its fair share of struggles so far this season.

First, it was CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman, stating that of the starters that could be available at the deadline, the Yankees would prefer Cubs starter Matt Garza to all of them. His list included not only Garza, but fellow Cub Ryan Dempster, as well as Brewers Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke. According to Heyman, Garza would be at the top of that list because he has a history of pitching successfully in the American League East.

Later last night, Josh Norris of the Trentonian came out with a report of his own, stating that the Yankees and Nationals have “talked” about a trade involving Nats starter Edwin Jackson and Yankees IF Eduardo Nunez. Per Norris, the potential trade for Jackson could cost the Yankees Nunez, Tampa SP Nik Turley, and a Charleston outfielder.

So let’s evaluate a few things here. The biggest obstacle with any deal for Garza is the exact reasons the Yankees like him. The Cubs know that he’s had success in the American League East. The Cubs also know that the Boston Red Sox are interested. To go out and get Garza is going to cost the Yankees. I’ve heard that Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances are at the top of the Cubs’ wish list. If true, they would have to base the deal around Betances — I would not give up Manny Banuelos, and with how Betances has looked this season, I would sell high while you still can, but it would also depend on what else the Cubs would want for Garza. I’d say a fair package would be to offer Betances and a lower-level prospect like Cito Culver or Angelo Gumbs.

Next, let’s look at the potential of that trade with the Nationals. For a rental player, you’d be giving up Nunez, who has a major league bat and is working on the glove. You’d be adding in Nik Turley, a  former 50th round pick who has scrapped his way through the system and has been likened a bit to Andy Pettitte. And on top of that, you’d be throwing in a Charleston outfielder — which means either Mason Williams or Tyler Austin, since I can’t imagine anyone wanting Ben Gamel or Kelvin de Leon. When Norris asked a Yankees official yesterday, the official commented that he hadn’t heard about the deal, but “wouldn’t be surprised” based on the Yankees feelings about Jackson. Let’s just hope those feelings to revert to the losing strategies of the early-2000’s and have the Yankees give up three good, young talents for a four month rental.

  1. The thought of losing Betances is a little easier to swallow if Garza is who the Yankees would be getting in exchange. If Garza is REALLY available to the Yankees then Cashman should move on it, of course he should not overpay for Garza and because the Yankees are the Yankees, other GM’s are going to be asking for a lot.
    In regards to Jackson, I don’t like anything involving him. he is another version of A.J. Burnett and that is the last thing the Yankees need right now. Furthermore, there is no way I am giving up THREE players for Jackson, regardless of talent. Even if the Yankees were to trade Nunez for Jackson straight up the Yankees would be giving up too much for an inconsistent starter such as Jackson.

  2. You must be high thinking for Garza you could get him for Betances and a low level prospect It would take minmum 2 very high prospects

  3.  I understand your thought process on that…however, there’s a difference between a low level prospect and a low level top prospect. Culver (one of the two mentioned) is considered to be in the Yankees’ top 10 prospects by many experts. He may need to become strictly a right-handed hitter in the future, as his lefty swing has just been ugly this year. Culver is also arguably the best defensive infielder in the Yankees’ minor league system.

    As for Betances, I’ll admit it, I don’t like him. He’s had trouble with his control this season, and like many taller pitchers, it may take some time to figure it all out. However, all it takes is one team to consider him an elite prospect who will get it together sooner than later. So if it’s Betances and Culver, yes, I think that potential deal would have a very real chance of getting done – if the Yankees want to part with those two prospects.

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