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Yankees support Carlos Beltran’s charity, dress up like its the 80s

Last night, the Yankees supported The Carlos Beltran Foundation by attending “The 80s Strike Back” event dressed in 1980s garb. You can find more information about the event and Beltran’s foundation here. Below are some of the pictures the Yankees organization and players posted from last night’s event.

#TheSquad – I think most of them just watched Hot Tub Time Machine for costume ideas.


CC getting his Fresh Prince on.


ARod going with the 80s Business Man costume?


And the winner for best 80s costume goes to…… Carlos Beltran!


And in case you forgot, Dellin is really really tall.


Frankly I’m a little disappointed none of them dressed like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but it looked like a really fun event regardless. Its great to see the team supporting Beltran and goes to show that this team has chemistry.