Yankees Question of the Day – January 24, 2012

With Jorge Posada scheduled to announce his retirement today at 11:00am EST, I want to ask you the following question: What is you favorite Jorge Posada moment from his 17-year career?

While Jorge is not a Yankees legend, he is by far one of the best catchers the Yankees ever had, and was the epitome of a gamer. He wore his heart on his sleeve and was a team-first player. There are not many players out there like him. Let’s take some time now to reflect on a phenomenal Yankee.

Leave your comments below and I will be sure to include my favorite Jorge moment.

Be sure to check Yankees.com at 11am EST and catch Posada’s retirement announcement.

Jorge Posada’s Career Stats (click here)

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  • Jhming2003

    WAY too many moments to choose from!!  Couldn’t agree more about your thoughts on what Jorge meant to the team!  He will be missed and was certainly appreciated for what he contributed to a series of great Yankee teams!!!

  • Rocco Larry

    What could you not say about Jorge. Jorge could be one of the most loved Yankee catcher of his or 17 year career. The only other catchers I can think of with the same cabler or better is Yogi Barea and  Thuman Munson . Munson  and Barea may have had better stats  but were loved as much as Jorge. Will all miss Jorge.