Yankees Question of the Day – January 9, 2012

With the talks of Jorge Posada hanging up his catchers gear for good in the next few weeks, there has been a lot of talk circulating as to whether or not the Yankees should eventually retire his number. Personally, I am a huge fan of Jorge; however, I do not feel his number should be retired. Instead, his number should remain out of circulation for a long time. This leads me to the NYYU Question of the day…

Do you think the Yankees should retire #20 in honor of Jorge Posada? Why or why not?

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  • JamieHop

    The more and more I look at the stats, regular season and post-season, the more and more I am on the fence. He is behind only Berra in most offensive categories in regards to catchers and has 4 rings. With that said, there is nothing spectacular  about those stats, especially his post-season stats. Was he a part of the core four? Yes he was but out of the four he was the fourth most important person with Mariano, Jeter, Pettitte ahead of him. He had a very respectable career but I think he is on the outside looking in when retired numbers. I still would not be surprised if the Yankees do decide to retire his number though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=16409783 Ryan Nakada

    I agree, his number will more than likely be out of circulation for an extended period of time–MAYBE eventually retired. But I don’t believe his number will be or should be retired immediately.

  • Kekelly55

    Emotion is a tough thing to control. I want Mr. Posada to be acknowledged by the Yankees for all that he meant to the team. Does that go all the way to retiring his uniform number? I would love to see it but he probably didn’t have the kind of career that warrants such a distinction. He is such a proud and honorable man. Keeping him in the organization would be a very smart move for the Yankees.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t think of any catcher with as many seasons or games as Posada has that has put up better stats and production for his team other than Yogi Berra or Bill Dickey–Yogi had the MOST HR’s ever by a Yankee catcher, while Bill Dickey had a career BA. of .313.  Yogi had more HR’s than Posada, Jorge had more HR’s than Dickey.  If Jorge doesn’t get his number retired, he’s definitely a member of the 4 BEST Yankees’ Catchers of all time, that should warrant in depth decision from Yankee mgmt.  I’ve excluded Thurman Munson mostly from the comparisons since Thurman died during his 11th season–you can’t ignore his .292 BA. his 113 HR’s or contributions as a player, those stats would most likely been a lot higher had Thurman played a full career.  I don’t think any team in baseball could put up 4 catchers to match the qualifications of these 4.

  • Wiskerman2

    Posada should be put in the same class as Munson because he played hard and something else he produced in big games.  Lets retire his number he is a great Yankee.

  • M07yankee

    Yes, Both his number and Bucky ‘bleeping’ Dents number as well.

  • Anonymous

    My grandfather had Ruth and Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio.My father had Mantle and Maris. We both had Jackson and Munson,but Jeter,Mariano,Pettitte and Jorge were mine.The smile that comes to my face when I think and talk about the memories that those Four have given me I look past the numbers and think how lucky we yankee fans truly are.I don’t think we win those championships in arrow If Jorge is not our catcher.He refused to lose.The team knew Jorge’s Heart and he led with it.A second baseman turned Catcher.The worst and most difficult position to play on the field.That alone should tell you what type of person and player he was.What that Yankee team accomplished in the modern era  of Baseball I think won’t be duplicated for some time,and for us Yankee fans   to have been part,and witness these Four true home grown Yankees that will live with you for the rest of your life.So yes I say retire all Four of there numbers because there impact means more then just numbers.

    • Gregory Scott

      thats a great reply. The Core Four does have a special place in our hearts, and will always be remembered as a special group.  Baseball, however, is a numbers game – and historians always go off of bottom lines when giving awards, or other special recognitions.  I would never be upset if Jorge’s number was retired, I just dont see it happening.  I think Mo and Jete are the only two of the 4 that get retired (albeit 42 is already done across the league)

      • Anonymous

        Yes Gregory what you say is true, but we’re not talking Hall of Fame here.We’re talking Yankee tradition,Yankee family.None Yankee fans will only see the numbers ,as most of baseball can be defined by the numbers,and they will see that Jorge was a very good catcher with good numbers.But it’s not all about the numbers with the Yankees.The Yankees have done things in Baseball that no team will ever duplicate,and Jorge is part of one of the Greatest Yankee teams of all Time,and with out him maybe they don’t accomplish that bit of history.His grit his willpower and leadership can not be measured by the numbers.But we Yankee fans know. We Yankee fans boo our players for not playing well or not giving 100%.Jorge is a true Yankee.and if you go by the numbers he’s what second or third on the all time Yankees catchers list.and he’s got the rings.With out Jorge,with out Pettitte and his playoff victories we don’t have our memories.So yes I say all Four deserve there numbers to be retired,so that we as Yankee fans can go to the canyon of heroes and point to the “Core Four” the players most responsible for our Yankee Pride and memories for our generation.