Clint Frazier jabs Bryce Harper about joining Yankees again

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Last night, MLB tweeted a GIF of Bryce Harper doing Bryce Harper things (read: whipping his hair back and forth). Clint Frazier quickly responded.

Breaking news: Clint Frazier and Bryce Harper each love their hair. This isn’t the first time they’ve jabbed at each other on Twitter about hair and joining the Yankees either.

Reading into Bryce’s tweet, it seems that cutting his hair and shaving his beard in order to join the Yankees is not worth it. Harper, who has 2 more seasons in Washington, is saying all the right things while he is still there. When it comes time for his much-anticipated free agency, assuming his next 2 seasons are more reminiscent of his 2015 than 2016, Harper will go to the highest bidder. If that high-bidder happens to be the Yankees, I don’t foresee a haircut standing in Bryce’s way.

There have been instances in the past of players saying they would not sign with the Yankees because of the hair rules. David Price, in speaking about his upcoming free agency a few years ago, said he would not sign with the Yanks because he prefers to wear a beard. The Yankees to my knowledge did not have any talks with Price about a contract last offseason, but something tells me if they had come to the table with a competitive offer, Price would not have shunned them.

Regardless, it is fun to see Frazier and Harper yucking it up on social media. Should they each share a clubhouse in a couple seasons, the Yankees better invest in a few hair stylists.


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