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Derek Jeter & Dellin Betances speak on World Series, A-Rod

Former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter hosted a Turn 2 Foundation event Tuesday in New York City.  At the event, he and current Yankees closer Dellin Betances had a few words in regards to the team and some former teammates.

Betances stated he has been dialed in to the Major League Baseball playoffs, and now the World Series, watching his former teammates, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman.

“I’ve got to keep close tabs on Miller and Chapman and see who wins the throne,” Betances said of the World Series match-up.

He indicated he is not taking sides, though.  Instead, he will root for both Miller and Chapman.  The trio spent half of the season in one of the most feared bullpens in baseball.

No doubt the Yankees would have liked the group remain intact and pitch for them in October.  Miller and Chapman were dealt to the Indians and Cubs, respectively, at the trade deadline.  When asked about the chances of Chapman returning to the Bronx as a free agent next season, Betances said he would be glad to see him return to the Yankees.

“Anything that makes us better,” he said.  “We want to be playing now.”

Another former Yankees teammate that has caught the eye of Betances is Alex Rodriguez, whom he spoke highly of in regards to his broadcasting work for FOX.

“I think he’s wonderful,” Betances said.  “He has a high IQ for baseball.”

Jeter on the other hand, said he has not been able to tune in to watch his former teammate.  He stated he has just seen highlights, not full games due to how busy he has been of late.

The 42-year-old did, however, take a moment to speak on the youth and future of the Yankees organization.

“We had a long run there when we had the same group,” he said.  “The young guys have made a smooth transition.  I know there’s some big expectations.”

Also at the event on crutches was Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, but was not available for questions.