Joba Seriously Injures Ankle

The second off the field injury has struck the New York Yankees this spring.  The latest injury comes as the season approaches, and will probably shelf Joba for the duration of the season.  Joba Chamberlain separated his ankle yesterday while playing with his little boy at a daycare facility when participating in activities on a trampoline.  Chamberlain had surgery last night, and will be in the hospital for several days.  Brian Cashman delivered the news in a very somber tone, and there is no timetable for his return.

On a Yankees note – this hurts the middle of the bullpen with a hard throwing quality right arm, and may even more show the need for  Phil Hughes to return to the bullpen upon Pettitte’s readiness for the rotation.  Joba was targeting a return towards the middle of the season.

We wish Joba a speedy recovery.


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  • Brian Capozzi

    Fortunately the Yankees signed David Aardsma who is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery as well. He is due to join the team in July (same timetable as Joba).  Makes the signing look good.

    • Gregory Scott Reinen

       goood point – forgot about him – – for sure, the signing looks even better now.. let’s hope he stays on schedule.

  • Steve

     What an idiot.