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Savages gotta hug: Maybin brings #HugSZN to the Bronx

I don’t think there’s a Yankee fan out there who expected the 2019 team to include Cameron Maybin. But injuries to the guys on the roster brought him here, and now he’s entrenched himself in the clubhouse and in the hearts of the fans.

Maybin is well-known for his good vibes and his celebratory hugs with teammates. He’s always spreading positivity, both in the Yankees dugout and through his interactions on social media. Not only is he a great veteran presence in the Yankees clubhouse, but Maybin has certainly made his presence known with his play on the field by slashing .308/.516/.905 with 8HRs and providing the Yankees much-needed flexibility by playing all three outfield positions.

Being a fan community, we also love to see when our guys are doing good things off-the-field, and Maybin has certainly been an active participant in the local community.  We’re very excited at Bronx Pinstripes to partner with Cam and his team by designing a great t-shirt that will help spread his positive attitude and raise money to benefit his mission, Maybin Mission, and DREAM Charter School in Harlem.

Since the first day I stepped foot in the New York Yankees clubhouse, it felt like home. Teammates have become brothers and fans have become family. I couldn’t be more grateful to wear the pinstripes. I’m excited to partner with Bronx Pinstripes and the #BPCrew on this special collaboration, so I can share my famous hugs with Yankees fans near and far and help raise funds for a cause that’s so important to me, my Maybin Mission. – Cameron Maybin

We’re proud to say that 100% of the proceeds from the HUG SZN and Savages Gotta Hug t-shirts will benefit Maybin Mission and will be donated to DREAM Charter School in Harlem

Maybin Mission, which was founded by Cameron and his wife Courtney in 2016, focuses on enriching the lives of inner-city youth. Today, Maybin Mission programs and partnerships reach thousands of kids from coast to coast and everywhere in between. Through positive play, education, and cultural programming, the Maybin’s are dedicated to impacting the communities in which they live and serve.

It’s officially #HugSZN, and we’re here for it!

Purchase your t-shirt today: shop.bronxpinstripes.com

For more information about Maybin Mission: maybinmission.com