Game Day

Instant Reaction: The Yankees Have Won a Game

Gut Reaction

Let us all release the largest sigh of relief in unison. The losing streak is over. A winning formula was found!


Gumby Grinds Out Another

This is the exact performance I expect out of Montgomery. Was he lights out? Not really. He worked around a leadoff walk in the first inning. In the second inning, he was helped out with an out on the basepaths. He didn’t have a single 1-2-3 inning. He dug deep and got out of most of them unscathed, though. That’s why I like to call him Pettitte Light. Pettitte was a grinder and he was always the team stopper. That’s what Gumby did for the Yanks tonight. I just wish he would glare out over his glove like Andy used to. I miss seeing that.

Joe Let the Fans Manage This One

Every fan is at home right now patting themselves on the back. I told you he should use Green in the 7th! I told you Carter should be on the bench! Yes, Joe actually did what the entire fanbase has been asking for, and it worked out.

Green looked really good in that 7th inning. That should cement him in that role for a couple days, especially since Clippard got his chance to work things out and instead decided to see how loud the Stadium could be filled with boos. It’s a tough time to be Tyler Clippard. He looked like he was about to cry in the dugout, which is fair. His performance almost brought me to tears last night.

Production from the 9 Hole, No Way.

It took them a little bit, but they eventually realized they were facing Ricky Nolasco and tagged him for five runs. Everyone got a hit besides Brett Gardner, who walked twice. That’s what this lineup should be doing and has been doing more often than not.

Austin Romine got three hits from the 9 hole. That’s probably the first time that has happened since Ronald Torreyes was hitting there in April (don’t fact check me on that, just let it be). It’s a shame we can’t play Romine at first on nights when Gary Sanchez catches and Gary at DH nights when Romine catches. It would be pretty risky to start both of our catchers all the time, but damn does Romine deserve more playing time. He can contribute far more than Carter. At the same time, if Joe sits Gary, my heart gets heavy. Having two productive catchers is a great situation. It’s as great as having zero productive first basemen is bad.


Defense Wasn’t the Best!

Matt Holliday proved why he’s not a long-term solution at first base with his Bryan Mitchell attempt at catching a pop-up.

Monty showed the league that he has no idea how to hold on a runner. The Angels saw something and had two insane jumps off him. Luckily one ended in a rundown out. That’s something Rothschild should be all over in their film session tomorrow. Also, does Gumby not have a pick off move? I feel like he should definitely have a good move. Is that because I consider him Pettitte Light? Yes, that is probably why. Learn a pick off move though, Gumby! You’re a big tall goofy lefty, start fooling runners!

Didi Gregorius also let a ball slip right under his glove. It might have been in remembrance of his fallen buddy Carter. In that case, I understand, but he should probably not do that again.


Winning Steak Starts Now

We’ve got Sevy on the hill tomorrow. I’m ready for a dominant pitching performance. Let’s go Yanks!

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