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Is this the worst Yankee fan in the world?

It’s hard to say he isn’t. The last two weeks at Yankee Stadium brought out a lot of emotions in people and unfortunately, brought out the worst actions in some.

I am all for booing and chanting at opposing fans that come into the Bronx, and I think most of them expect to get a little bit of a hard time. This however, is the worst of the worst. Making physical contact or attempting to, just makes everyone who supports the Yankees look bad. It takes every “27 rings bro” joke, and makes it real. It gives the rest of the world ammo to attack us as “scumbag” fans because daddy bought these guys a couple of playoff tickets.

We have a long offseason (it’s not that long) to think about how the team can get better, but with this core, we’ll be back playoffs for years to come. Let’s think about acting better as fans when we get there.

PS: Why are we filming people in the bathroom?