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Major League Baseball makes it IMPOSSIBLE to care about the Subway Series

I have been complaining about the scheduling of the Subway Series all year on George’s Box. I just don’t understand why they continue to roll out these games on a Tuesday and Wednesday, when nobody gives a shit. I know there are schedules to take into account, and all that jazz, but having these teams play during the week just doesn’t move the needle at all for me anymore. Instead they should adjust to one of the below options:

  1. 6 Games Each Year: Just let both teams host a 3 game weekend series each year. Yeah, you’d have to move stuff around on the schedule to accommodate the rest of the league, but you’re getting guaranteed weekend sellouts at both stadiums. I know it’s not fair that the Yankees would get more games against a bad team and the rest of the division wouldn’t, but by that thought process, it’s unfair the Orioles don’t get to play themselves.
  2. Thurs-Sun Split Series: This is simple. Instead of an off-day on Thursday heading into a 3 games series, the Yankees host Thursday and Friday while the Mets host Saturday and Sunday. Then you switch every year. One team gets the thirsty Thursday and Friday night crowd, and the other gets the weekend crowd.
  3. 3 Day Series w/ Doubleheader: This could be a logistical nightmare if the weather doesn’t play it’s part, but have them play Friday night and Saturday at 1pm in the Bronx, and then 8pm and Sunday in Queens. The teams did it in 2000 and the city was buzzing for it. Maybe it helped that the Mets weren’t garbage at the time, but still, this could be exciting.
  4. Anything Other Than The Current System: Just do literally anything else to get these games on the weekend. People have work during the week, and it makes it tough (impossible if you’re talking about a full family) to get to the stadiums and enjoy yourself when you know that the next day you have to be back at the office.

The Subway Series should be fun. It should be a time when you can get together with your friends who are Met fans and talk trash to each other, while every baseball fan in the tri-state area is focused on one game for bragging rights in the city.

Just figure it out one time, MLB.