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What else do you want from Brian Cashman?

The Winter Meetings are kicking off in San Diego and that means the hot stove is starting to heat up. Everyone and their mother is interested in Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, including the Yankees, so of course Brian Cashman said he would be in contact with their agents. Max Wildstein covered this last night for us, and Yankee fans responded as they always do, with skepticism.

What else do you want Brian Cashman to do? If he says he isn’t interested, we riot. If he says he is interested, we don’t believe him. This comes after he stuck to his guns and didn’t give long contracts to Bryce Harper and Manny Machado and improved from 100 wins to 103 wins, all while setting the record for most trips to the IL in the history of the game.

Would it be better if Brian Cashman just said, “We will 100% sign Gerrit Cole, no matter what he asks for? After that, Scott Boras can have his way with my girlfriend”? No, it wouldn’t. Brian Cashman would be giving up all leverage, that we don’t have much of to begin with.

Everyone just needs to trust the process and let Brian Cashman, and his team, negotiate in good faith to bring us multiple World Series titles. This isn’t about just winning in 2020 but making sure we can win in 2020 without having to wait until 2031 to get back there.

I get the idea of “It’s not my money” when you talk about the Yankees signing free agents, but it is the Yankees’ money. I can tell you that you would be a better person if you vacationed in Italy instead of the Jersey Shore, but for most people, that just doesn’t make good business sense.

Brian Cashman knows more about running a Major League Baseball team than you do, so let him cook up his magic on the hot stove.