Yankees Milestones We Should Expect in 2013

After experiencing Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit in person at Yankee Stadium on July 9, 2011, I believe that everyone should be able to experience a milestone at the stadium. To be honest, it could be any stadium. Milestones are fun to witness no matter where you are. While not all are historic or even article worthy, for example a players 100th home run, their 1,000th RBI, their 100th win; to say you were there for that moment is something you’ll remember for a long time. I have gone through the Yankees roster (as of 1/31/2013), and am highlighting some key milestones that we can expect to see this season, and when I project that the player will hit this mark. I will continue to update this list if anything changes.

Please note that all projections listed below are my own. I am basing projections off of the averages of the 3 previous seasons in the particular category of the milestone. Obviously, these projections can change based on any injury the player(s) may incur. Enjoy, and please leave some comments in the section below. Would love to hear your thoughts on these projections, as well as any upcoming milestones I may have overlooked.

Robinson Cano
200th Home Run
HR’s at the start of 2013: 177
Projected Date of 200th HR: August 13, 2013 vs Angels

1,500th Hit
Hits at the start of 2013: 1,459
Projected Date of 1,500th hit: May 20, 2013 @ Orioles

Derek Jeter
Place on the All-Time Hits List
Hits at the start of 2013: 3,304
Projected Date of 3,316th Hit (10th All-Time): April 14, 2013 vs. Orioles
Projected Date of 3,320th Hit (9th All-Time): April 19, 2013 @ Blue Jays
Projected Date of 3,421st Hit (7th All-Time): July 20, 2013 @ Red Sox
Projected Date of 3,436th Hit (6th All-Time): August 3, 2013 @ Padres

Mark Teixeira
1,000 Runs
Runs at the start of 2013: 938
Projected Date of 1,000th run: August 28, 2013 @ Blue Jays

CC Sabathia
200 wins
Wins at the start of 2013: 191
Projected Date of 200th win: June 6-9, 2013 @ Mariners (If he pitches in the series. If not, his next start)

Curtis Granderson
250th HR
HR’s at the start of 2013: 210
Projected Date of 250th HR: September 26, 2013 vs Rays

Andy Pettitte
250th Win
Wins at the start of 2013: 245
Projected Date of 250th win: June 3-5, 2013 vs Indians (If he pitches in the series. If not, his next start)

Alex Rodriguez
Place on the All-Time HR List
HR’s at the start of 2013: 647
Projected Date of 661 HR (4th All-Time): September 20th, 2013 vs Giants (if he comes back immediately after the All-Star Break)


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