Hector Noesi: Quick Mechanics Breakdown

Hector Noesi, a 24 year old right handed relief pitcher with a plus fastball, has the potential to have a successful major league career. His overall mechanics are good and throws with most of his body instead of just using his arm. Even though he has good hip rotation, he could help himself with a better follow through. By bringing his right elbow past his left knee, Hector would be be more consistent with his control and hitting his target. This is commonly called throwing “shoulder to shoulder”… which really can provide pinpoint accuracy IF the pitcher knows how to focus on his target. As an extra benefit, this type of follow through, also known as “bending their back”, helps pitchers have greater leverage on their breaking pitches. Right now, he’s finishing a little high (upright) in his follow through and this in turn elevates his pitches or causes them to be up in the zone…not a good place to pitch.


Last note concerns his time to the plate with runners on. He’s been a little slow, up to 1.5, because he’s still got a bit of a desire to get his knee up to a power position during his delivery in the stretch position. Hopefully, he can learn a slide step and bring his time to 1.32 or better with runners on. He’s young enough to learn and should only get better with experience.

Del Pittman
Owner/Operator of Combat Hitting
Former MLB Scout



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