UPDATE: Pineda and Cashman’s post game video below

With two outs in the 2nd inning Boston Red Sox Manager John Farrell came out of the dugout and asked home plate umpire Gerry Davis to check Michael Pineda for a foreign substance. Davis immediately wiped the side of Pineda’s neck and determined there was a ‘mystery’ substance on his neck. The substance isn’t really a mystery we can all tell it’s probably pine tar. With the plethora of high-def camera’s nowadays, its almost impossible for anyone to hide anything. Especially for a guy who is already under the microscope. This all started on April 10th against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. During that outing, NESN camera’s showed a similar substance on the palm and wrist area of Pineda’s pitching hand. By the time Farrell was made aware of it, the substance was gone from Pineda’s wrist and hand. “I don’t use pine tar. It’s dirt.” Pineda said after that game in which the Yankees won 4-1. Farrell was asked about it prior to tonight’s game and said that it isn’t a an issue, as long as the pitcher is discreet about it, and clearly looked like Pineda was not trying to hard to hide it.

At the start of the game the side of his neck was clean. When he came out to pitch the 2nd inning there was the something clearly on his neck. ESPN, YES, and NESN camera’s all showed the before and after images of Pineda’s neck. Girardi even turned ESPN’s mounted dugout camera from being able to view Pineda walking into the clubhouse after the ejection. Pineda had been tagged for a few runs in the 1st inning and probably felt he wasn’t able to get a good grip on the ball, but to be that blatant about it, was just plain stupid.

Once again Girardi denied knowing anything about it, he was asked about it during his post game interview. He did acknowledge the situation after the fact, and said Pineda was wrong. “He made an error in judgment, and he’ll admit to that,” Girardi said. GM Brian Cashman also spoke tonight. He said that this should of never happened and is an embarrassment to the organization. “I think we’re all embarrassed. We as a group are embarrassed that this has taken place,” Cashman told reporters. He did try and take some heat off Pineda by saying that the team should of been looking for it and knew that all eyes were going to be on Pineda. He was asked about the conversation he had with MLB Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and ex-Yankee manager Joe Torre after the first incident, but refused to comment on what was said.

The most important thing was that Pineda fully admitted to using the substance. He confirmed after the game that it was pine tar, and he applied it himself alone in the clubhouse in between innings. “I apologize to my team and everybody. I learn from this mistake, and this won’t happen again.” said a somber Pineda. He felt very bad about the situation he put his teammates in and said he will accept any punishment handed down by MLB.

Yes it’s an unwritten rule that pitchers use a little something when the weather is cold, it’s something that pitchers have been doing for years. But you just can’t be that reckless with it. MLB had already talked to Pineda and the Yankees about this, so with this ejection we should expect Pineda to be suspended at least one start. Pineda needs to learn how to conceal this better, or just do away with it all together. Girardi, the coaching staff and even his teammates need to be on top of this in the future. With a suspension looming and the entire organization completely aware of this, it’s probably the last time we will this happen. Pineda has bright future with the team and has worked very hard to get back to this place. He was honest about it, that’s what counts in my eyes. Time to move on.

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  • NightBlazer

    Thanks for the article. Now I’m my opinion I don’t think he should be forgiven or suspended for one start. He obviously done this before and ESPN showed him using pine tar with his previous team. In my eyes he’s a dirty player who uses any way to cheat the game. The fact that he denied it the first time earlier this month was completely stupid. As you said we now live in a time where HD cameras capture everything. For him to do it again just completely disrespects the team and just shows that he don’t treat the game fairly. He should be suspended for at least a month. As for the teammates I am very surprised Jeter allowed this to happen as he is the captain and usually involves himself with his teammates.

    • Nicholas Tarnowsky

      There really is no set parameters for MLB to go by, in 2012 Rays pitcher got an 8 game suspension, and I believe there was a 10 game suspension handed out in 2010. Since MLB already spoke to him and the team im sure it will be closer to the 10 game side. He admitted to it, that was what was most important. Several ex-players have said its not a big deal as long as you’re not dumb with it…clearly Pineda was dumb about it and deserves whatever he gets

    • peppered yankee

      I gotta agree he clearly wasn’t trying to hide it, whatever suspension he gets he certainly deserves that and it doesn’t help that hes doing it against the red Sox

    • #BingBong

      Fucking idiots.. One month? Are u mentally unstable or just plain dumb? Not saying what he did was right, it clearly was wrong but he is just coming off tommy john surgery so its his 1st year back and the weather was shit to pitch in. You motherfuckers act like other pitchers dont do this. Even a man known for cheating (david ortiz) stated he does not have a problem with it. I feel its a shit rule and should be changed, but as of right now it is a rule so he did screw up, but for you to say 1 month makes me fucking wonder…. People around the mlb to this everyday but manage to hide it better… Such as there hair…. So i just wanted to let you know how fucking dumb you both are and should read up on incidents in the past of players doing this. Probably players you like too. So have a nice day autistic Faggots. ;0

  • #BingBong

    So pathetic that u brought jeter into this haha pineda is a big boy who can make his own decisions not up to jeter to sit him down and tell him not to cheat so please shut the fuck up…. i dont give a singlr fuck wheather or not ur a yankees fan either way ir gay for even bringing jeters name up.

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