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Yankees Prospect Manny Banuelos Have Major League Potential?

Manny Banuelos

Position: LHP     Birthdate: 3/23/1991

Height: 5’10” and sometimes listed as 5’11”

Weight: 165 lbs to 175 1bs depending on which baseball program, yearbook, or bio writer you get, but he looks like he’s filled out from last year’s 155 lbs listing

B/T: L/L

Signed as an International Free Agent in 2008 by the Yankees out of Mexico

Manny may be young in age, but the first thing you notice about him is that he pitches older than he is. He has mastered cool, calm, and collected. If Fonzie had been a pitcher, he would have been Manny.

He is consistently fluid in his delivery which starts with a very deliberate, almost robotic-like, effort to stay balanced while getting into a strong power position. This produces a smooth, effortless delivery with no signs of rushing.

The next thing you notice about Manny is that possesses a plus fastball (I’ve seen him hit 96 on the gun), a plus curve, and a plus change. What’s not to like with a left hander with this much talent, right? Well, this season he has struggled a little more with walks.

I would like to see him with a deeper follow through because he has a tendency to finish a little high. This is probably the reason he has struggled with the other 3 C’s (command, control, and confidence) this year at a higher level than he did last year at a lower level. With that adjustment to his mechanics, he’ll improve his accuracy on his fastball and maybe get a little more bite on an already good curve. Seasoning should polish this hurler to premier status.

Caveat:  While I appreciate his Fonzie demeanor on the mound, I’d love to see him “channel” a little more Whitey Ford. If he can do this, in the future, expect Manny Banuelos to be the Ace of the Yankees’ rotation. This talented prospect has that kind of potential.


Del Pittman

NYYUniverse Staff Writer