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All Star Week, Yankees Mid-Season Awards + Dan Szymborski with FanGraphs – The Bronx Pinstripes Show

Topics: our thoughts on the All Star Game and Home Run Derby, Verlander’s comments about the juiced baseballs, if MLB has a home run problem, and a stupid rule they’re testing in the Atlantic League. Then we hand out mid-season awards, including MVP, Cy Young, biggest surprises and disappointments, best moment of the first half, and a look ahead to what we want to see in the second half.

Dan Szymborski (@DSzymborski) from FanGraphs joined the show to revisit how ZiPS projections did on the Yankees first half, defensive metrics as they relate to Urshela and Sanchez, DJ LeMahieu’s clutch stats, trade targets, the juiced ball, and much more!