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The Bronx Missile Crisis – The Bronx Pinstripes Show #84

twitterThe Bronx Pinstripes Show – @YankeesPodcast


As we approach the trade deadline of August 1st, rumors are swirling around the potential trade of Aroldis Chapman to the Chicago Cubs among other possible suitors.  Andrew and I dive into the prospects that have been mentioned as part of the potential deal with the Cubs and weigh the pros and cons.

After a relatively successful home stand, we talk about the Yankees‘ play and if they’ve shown enough to actually believe that more winning is on the horizon for the second half, or is this team exactly what we’ve seen – a .500 team that will continue to ebb and flow.

We also go around the league talking about hot topics in MLB, the Hall of Fame inductees, and answer some good mailbag questions at the end of the episode.

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