The Infield Battle – Andujar HOT, Drury’s flexibility + Lind signing – The Bronx Pinstripes Show

#213 – Miguel Andujar lighting it up, Clint Frazier’s concussion, the Adam Lind signing, Russell Wilson, and the open infield spots. Then we discuss which players will lead key stat categories this season, updates to the pace-of-play rules, if the rotation has a higher ceiling or lower floor, and Aaron Hicks. Final topic is about Brian Cashman’s fart machine (yes, you read that right).

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Dates for 2018 Bronx Pinstripes Spring Training trip:

  • Mar 23 v. BOS – Friday, 1:05
  • Mar 24 v. TOR – Saturday, 1:05

Dates for the 2018 Bronx Pinstripes Regular Season events:

  • Apr 7 v. BAL – Saturday, 1:05
  • May 26 v. LAA – Saturday, 7:15
  • Jun 29 v. BOS – Friday, 7:05
  • Jul 28 v. KC – Saturday, TBD
  • Aug 11 v. TEX – Saturday, TBD
  • Sep 15 v. TOR – Saturday, TBD

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