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Machado Meeting + Joe Torre: Curveballs Along The Way Movie Review – The Bronx Pinstripes Show

The Bronx Pinstripes Show #290

The Yankees met with Manny Machado this week. We discussed what may have taken place during that meeting, what type of contract the Yankees could offer Machado, how Manny would handle NY, Miguel Andujar working with Adrian Beltre on defense, CC Sabathia’s health status, what relief pitchers the Yankees might sign, MLB free agency and trade news, and mailbags about Dallas Keuchel, using a 6th starter, and the 2020 free agent class.

Bonus segment: We reviewed ‘Joe Torre: Curveballs Along The Way’ with Brian from the Take Too Podcast. This movie is a fun trip down memory lane for the 1996 season, but is laughably bad in many areas. We dive into all of it, including casting, things the movie got wrong, and what the 1996 season meant to us.

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