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A sweep, some Tigers, and Old Timers – The Bronx Pinstripes Show #78

This week on the Bronx Pinstripes Show, we have Neil Keefe subbing in for Andrew while he is on a family vacation.  Neil and I get through last week’s games and talk about the key moments on the diamond.  Special attention this week is given to the conundrum at first base with the injuries mounting up, Refsnyder filling in admirably, and now the recent signing of former Met, Ike Davis.

While we all know the MLB Draft is pretty much a crap shoot, and that we won’t know if these guys will actually workout for a few years, we talk about the first and second round selections by the Yankees.  The interesting part, for me, about these selections was the position choices of outfield and second base that the Yankees drafted.  Seems like it was a “best available player” type decision.

Neil is a big believer that the next stretch run for the Yankees against Colorado and Minnesota is one of the bigger sets that the franchise has seen in years and can either make or break the season.  The upcoming games (on paper) are very winnable, and the Yankees need to take advantage of the opportunity to gain momentum in the division.

You can find Neil on Twitter (@NeilKeefe) and on his website, keefetothecity.com.

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