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Yankees Drop First Series in a Month + Coley Harvey, ESPN – The Bronx Pinstripes Show

The Bronx Pinstripes Show #338

The Yankees have lost their first series in a long time. Topics: poor pitching vs a bad Blue Jays team, bullpen struggles on Wednesday night, Tanaka losing it in the 5th inning, fans blaming Angel Hernandez instead of Tanaka, the Cone/Wells dynamic in the broadcast booth, Dallas Keuchel, and Didi’s return this weekend. We also dive deep into the Clint Frazier media controversy.

(01:08:00) ESPN reporter Coley Harvey joined the show to talk about the Clint Frazier controversy over the past few days. We get his take on the Frazier/media relationship, Clint’s comments before and after Tuesday’s game, what it is like covering the Yankees clubhouse this year, and much more!