The Yankees move on from Joe Girardi – The Bronx Pinstripes Show #194

With the big news on Thursday that Joe Girardi will not be the Yankees’ manager in 2018, we had to record an emergency episode. During the off-season the podcast will be released every Monday. Of course if something big happens, like the Yankees moving on from Girardi or making a big trade or signing, we will jump on and get you guys an episode as quickly as possible.

Again, THANK YOU for all your support throughout the season and playoffs. It was a tremendous run deep into October, and Scott and I had an awesome time bringing you guys episodes each game. We also love that you brought the passion on the voicemail line. It quickly became my favorite part of the podcast. During the off-season, listener involvement will be key; we want to hear from you in the mailbag and on social media! The more you get involved the better the show will be.

Emergency episode: We discuss the decision to move on from Joe Girardi, the Yankees being Cashman’s team now, when the plan was set, Girardi’s successes and failures in New York, speculation on who will be the next manager, what attributes the Yankees are looking for, and new expectations for the 2018 Yankees.

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