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A night at the Hank’s Yanks Golf Classic

On Monday, July 6, Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point hosted it’s first high-profile event, Hank’s Yanks Golf Classic. BronxPinstripes editor-in-chief Scott Reinen and myself had the opportunity to attend the cocktail hour and dinner, and it was a blast. The event was run so smoothly, and it was a great experience for everyone in attendance. The atmosphere was very relaxed, so we could essentially walk up to any celebrity and former player we wanted and strike up a conversation. We’d like to give a big shoutout to Mike “Red” Walsh for organizing everything and allowing us to go!

We arrived at 5:30 pm and immediately scoped out the scene, plotting about who we’d talk to and approach first. I had studied the celebrity attendee list for weeks prior to the event. Alex Rodriguez was, of course, my Moby Dick. I had to meet him and at least take a picture with him. More on that later.

After hitting up the open bar to take some of the edge off, we ran into former Yankee infielder Pat Kelly! Pat is now an assistant coach with the Australian baseball national team, as well as the GM of the Adelaide Bite, a team in the Australian Baseball League.

Patt Kelly (left) with Scott Reinen (middle) and Rich Kaufman (right)

We then headed down toward Michael Kay’s radio show, which was broadcasting live all day from the event. We watched as former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani gave an interview, followed by David Cone. We then walked back up to the bar area, where David Wells was just coming off the course. “How’d you shoot, Boomer?” Scott asked. “Good!” a jovial Wells responded. Typical. After talking for a bit, Boomer had a message for the Bronx Faithful:

Donald Trump then made an appearance, hair and all. The presidential hopeful held court around a hoard of media members off in the distance. All of a sudden, A-Rod appeared out of nowhere. He was on his way to meet-and-greet some of the kids involved with Hank’s Yanks, a charity group that aims to give kids the opportunity to play baseball. He signed for the kids, then walked down (surrounded by security) into the main tent to get ready for the dinner. We entered the tent, and immediately noticed all of the items that could be bid on in the silent auction. Trump addressed the crowd, welcoming us to the new golf course. A-Rod was introduced and stepped up to the mic:

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We then stepped outside and stumbled upon Hank Steinbrenner and Michael Kay, who just finished up his radio show. Kay praised our work here on BP, and also said he liked our shirts, which you can buy in our fan shop (shameless plug). We were on a roll. Cone came over as well! This was probably the highlight of my night. I had talked to Cone on twitter over the past year or so, but we’ve never met in person. We talked for a bit then took some pictures together. IMG_0060 It was time to finally eat dinner. We’d been too preoccupied with talking to everyone that we forgot there was food. Jim Leyritz was still inside along with Cecil Fielder. It felt like I was in the 1996 Yankees clubhouse. We went back outside, where people were starting to leave. The night came to an end. A-Rod was long gone. I wasn’t able to meet him or get a picture with him – something I had played over in my mind in the days leading up to the event. I looked on twitter the next day, and noticed A-Rod posted this:

That’s me taking a picture all the way in the back. I’ll take anything I can get.

More pictures from the event are below: