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A Familiar Theme for Yankees’ Hitters

Derek_Jeter_by_Keith_AllisonAlthough the Yankees did put up five runs in last night’s loss, they were not the prettiest of runs aside from Brian McCann’s 3-run homer. We scored on another gift wrapped wild pitch by Chicago reliever Jake Petricka, and was followed up by Jacoby Ellsbury’s sac fly RBI (his first RBI since May 4). The real issue that seems to be a very familiar trend even going back thru the last few seasons, has been the leaving runners in scoring position. Yes I’m talking about team RISP. It’s really the biggest issue the Yankees’ offense is having, and it looks like there is no end in sight. The team is able to get hits and certainly can work a few walks, but once the table has been set, Yankees can’t get that one big hit.

Over the last five games they’re 6-for-33. Since May 12, which was the start of the subway series the Yankees team RISP is 17-for-80. If those numbers don’t scare you, then these will. Yankees team RISP for the month of May so far is 38-for-160. There is never any real explanation for why a team struggles, nor should any team give any excuses. But we know is the Yankees continue to struggle to get the big hit with men on base. Yes the Yankees are dealing with injuries, the main one regarding the everyday lineup is Carlos Beltran, but there are still seasoned hitters in this lineup that should be producing. Here are some overall team numbers to take a look at.

Yankees Team totals to date (5/24)

 Hits: 423 – MLB Rank 8

Runs: 200 – MLB Rank: 20

RBI: 184 – MLB Rank 14

Total Bases: 653 – MLB Rank 14 

Home Runs: 45 – MLB Rank 13

Team slash .260/.323/.401 and .303 BABIP

The Yankees need the big bats to get going. Mark Teixeira has been the most clutch hitter since April, and Yangervis Solarte has been pretty good with men on base. Regardless the middle of the order still needs to produce. You can look at all the advanced stats you want, but it boils down to one thing…hitting in the clutch.

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