Clutch Curtis

Curtis Granderson has had a frustrating season. In his first at-bat of spring training, he fractured his forearm on a J.A. Happ fastball. After rehabbing, he returned in May, only to break his pinky just eight games in. He finally came back in August and has been healthy ever since – knock on wood. Now he’s making the most of a lost season, and his performance late in games has really stood out.

From innings 7-9 this season, Granderson is hitting .306 with three homers, six RBI, 13 runs scored and a .612 slg pct. In the most recent series against the Orioles, Granderson went 3-for-7 with a double, triple and home run in the last three innings of games. In his past three games overall, Granderson is hitting .333.

With such crucial games on the horizon in the stretch run, clutch hits in big situations are needed. Right now, Granderson is delivering late in games. His ability to put the ball in the seats or stretch a double into a triple makes him an exciting and versatile player. Yes there is the occasional strikeout, but that’s a tradeoff you’re willing to take.

Late in games, look for Granderson to contribute. The numbers don’t lie, he’s done it all season.

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Rich Kaufman

Ever since my parents bought me a Paul O'Neill shirt at my first Yankees game back in 1994 I've been a diehard fan. I graduated from Springfield College in Springfield, Mass., in 2011 with a degree in Communications/Sports Journalism, so writing about the Yankees has always been a passion of mine.