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Successful Surgery For CC

The ace of the Yankee staff, CC Sabathia, had successful surgery to remove a bone spur in his left elbow earlier today. CC had previously been on the disabled list back in August with inflammation in that same elbow.

Even after missing a few starts and pitching through this injury, CC had one of his typical statistical seasons. In 28 starts, the big lefty went 15-6 with a 3.38 ERA. And, to anyone who’s looking to blame his horrific start against the Tigers in the ALCS on this injury, may I point out that CC posted a 1.53 ERA in two games against the Orioles in the ALDS.

CC is the glue to the Yanks pitching rotation. In the four years he has put on pinstripes, his record is 74-29 with an ERA of 3.22. He has thrown 905 innings in that four year span, with this past year being the least amount of innings he’s thrown at 200. CC’s strikeout per 9 innings ratio of 8.9 this season was actually his highest total since 2008 when he split time between the Cleveland Indians and the Milwaukee Brewers.

A big career milestone is coming up for CC next season barring injury. The ace of Yankees is a mere 9 wins away from 200 for his career. Before CC’s stint on the DL he had only once not made at least 30 starts and that was in 2006 when he was with Cleveland where he toed the rubber 28 times.

Once CC passes 200 then it’s time to start talking about the big milestone for any pitcher, 300 wins.

Through the 2011 MLB season, here are the 10 Left-handed pitchers with the most wins in MLB history.

1. Warren Spahn         363

2. Steve Carlton          329

3. Ed Plank                 326

4. Tom Glavine           305

5. Randy Johnson       303

6. Left Grove              300

7. Tommy John           288

8. Jim Kaat                  283

9. Jamie Moyer            267

10. Eppa Rixey           266


So, even at the ripe young age of 32, CC still has some work to do to crack just the top ten in wins for lefties.

But, with Yankees GM Brian Cashman coming out and saying he has no doubt that CC will be ready to go by Opening Day, all signs point to CC having another CC like year in 2013 which will be huge for this Yankee team.