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Jorge’s Last Stand?

May 2, 1939. A dying Lou Gehrig takes himself out of the lineup because he knows that he is hurting the team. It is one of the most selfless acts in baseball history.Fast foward 72 years to the Yankees clubhouse on May 14, 2011. A slumping Jorge Posada takes himself out of the lineup because he is upset that he is batting ninth. This is one of the most selfish acts in baseball history. Funny how just the other day, I wrote an article on Jorge putting him up there with the greats at the catching position. I meant the things I said in the article. Posada has always been one of my favorite Yankees. This ugly incident however, makes me lose alot of respect for him. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. He owes alot of people an apology. The fans, his teammates, Joe Girardi, Brian Cashman, the Steinbrenners and the city of New York. This is not an incident that can be brushed aside of covered up. Jorge Posada needs to stand up and be accountable for the mistakes he made and the position he put his team in last night. The question is, where do we go from here? I think we may see the last days of Posada in Pinstripes sooner rather than later.

  1. Yes, I agree. Nobody takes themselves out of the lineup. That is the coaches call..always. He was lucky to even be in the lineup hitting w/ his awful numbers. However, like some people have been saying including Jorgie, everyone has a bad day. He blew up and was pissed off. I like to think of it as a temper tantrum. He must look forward to work on his swing and start producing as a DH needs to. He needs to have the attitude towards his next game just like a great man once said 'CAN't WAIT.'

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