Yankees Game 132 Lineup: 9/1/12

David Phelps is once again filling in for Andy Pettitte in a starting role, but pitching hasn’t been the concern for the Yankees as of late

Same song and dance for the Yankees again last night, a stagnant offensive unit. As has been the story of most games in recent weeks, the offense has been basically non-existent, leaving fans and players extremely frustrated as they watch their AL East division lead fade away right before their eyes like a bad disappearing act.

David Phelps gets the start this afternoon for the Yankees and has been used in nearly every situation imaginable this year. He’s filled in decently for the injured Andy Pettitte, who is said to be on the right track of recovery and may return before the playoffs. But until then, the team will need Phelps to put on a solid performance and hope the offense can turn it around.

Now just two games behind the Yankees, the young Orioles are hungry for a post-season beth and if the Bombers don’t get it together soon, they’re going to be pushed aside and left in the dust. Something has to give soon with the bats, because the way they’re playing, they won’t get far even if they do sneak into the playoffs.

New York Yankees (75-56)

Derek Jeter, DH

Nick Swisher, 1B

Robinson Cano, 2B

Andruw Jones, RF

Curtis Granderson, CF

Russell Martin, C

Jayson Nix, 3B

Eduardo Nunez, SS

Ichiro Suzuki, LF

Pitching: RHP David Phelps (3-4, 2.96 ERA)

Game Time: 1:05 at Yankee Stadium


Radio: WCBS 880, WADO 1280


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