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Video: The Bronx Pinstripes Show #365

We’ve had requests for the full video version of the podcast from listeners because they like to listen at work and pretend they’re being productive but really they are listening to Scott brag about his predictions and me drop logical truth bombs. Because I’m a people pleaser, here’s the entire BPS #365 in video form. We will be posting these every Monday and Thursday on YouTube (SUBSCRIBE TO BRONX PINSTRIPES YOUTUBE HERE).

The BPS #365: Yankees Destroy Red Sox Hopes and Dreams

The Yankees took two games from the Red Sox this weekend, causing Dave Dombrowski to be fired. We discuss the Red Sox hopes for the season being over, Yankees pitching plan for Domingo German, Luis Severino update, Brett Gardner’s power, Aaron Judge’s struggles vs Boston, key home/road splits for the team, and mailbag questions about Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees numbers in high leverage, and Michael Pineda PED suspension.