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MLB Baseball - Boston Red Sox against New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez on April 3, 2005 in New York, NY. Yankees won 9-2. (Photo by John Dunn/Sporting News via Getty Images)

On this day in Yankees history – A-Rod a hero in Boston

Usually when we talk about Alex Rodriguez’s heroics, we’re referring to his on the field play. However, on this day back in 2005, he was a hero off the field.

The Yankees were up in Boston for a three game set and A-Rod was on Newbury Street, along with 8-year-old Patrick McCarthy of Edgartown, Mass. A-Rod was about to enter a car when he noticed a truck speeding toward him, and quickly stepped back to keep from getting hit. When he turned around, he saw McCarthy running into the street and directly toward the truck. A-Rod said he acted instinctively, immediately grabbing the boy and pulling him back with him.

“I was trying to get out of the way, and the kid was running the other way,” A-Rod said. “He was about to run into the street and I kind of just put my arm around him. We both almost got run over.”

The boy’s father, Joe McCarthy, knows that A-Rod isn’t the most popular person in Boston, but that day he was grateful he was there.

“I can’t change anybody’s mind,” McCarthy said. “But I can say this guy is in my prayers for the rest of my days.”

Patrick told WHDH-TV of Boston that a van blocked his view and it happened really fast.

“I couldn’t see a car coming, so I walked across the street because it said, like, the walk sign. And this guy just puts his hand in front of me and says ‘Whoa, buddy, watch out.’ So we looked up and we saw, we were like, ‘Is that A-Rod?'”

Patrick was already a Yankees fan, and his favorite player? One Alex Rodriguez.

“I was like, wow! Like I was shocked, because he’s my favorite player on the Yankees.”

Red Sox fans may not like his on the field heroics, but we can all applaud this off the field MVP play.


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