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Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame Moments: #4 – The Dive

Next on our list of Top 5 Hall of Fame moments by Derek Jeter is “The Dive.”

On July 1, 2004, the Boston Red Sox came to town to face the Yankees in a midsummer clash between the two rivals. In the bottom of the 13th inning, John Flaherty singled to bring Miguel Cairo home and give the Yankees a 5-4 victory. The walkoff single however gets overshadowed by one of Derek Jeter’s most iconic plays.

The Red Sox’ were threatening to take the lead with runners on first and third, two outs in the top of the 12th inning, when pinch hitter Trot Nixon hit a popup down the third baseline. Derek went into a full sprint that allowed him to make an over the shoulder grab and end the inning. The only problem was, Jeter’s sprint had given him so much momentum that it carried him into the stands as the shortstop dove head first over the Yankee Stadium barrier.

While any game against the Red Sox is important, it’s safe to say that a game in early July doesn’t carry the same weight as one in September amid a postseason push. That’s where Jeter showed his true colors as the ultimate competitor and team player. To Derek, any game no matter the date on the calendar is just as important as the next one and he was going to do everything in his power to contribute to a victory.

Throughout his career, The Captain prioritized winning over personal accolades and achievements and “The Dive” is the perfect example. He sacrificed his body for the sake of the team and became further engraved in the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere. DJ even mentioned afterwards that he had hoped the Yankee faithful would help ease his fall into the stands. Nevertheless, as he rose from the stands bloodied and bruised, he solidified himself as the perfect captain to lead the Yankees.

We hope you enjoy the video our producer Christian Renzi put together for “The Dive.”