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Thankful to be a Yankees fan

As we approach Thanksgiving, I can’t help but reflect on the things I am thankful for in my life. Near the very top of that list is how thankful I am to be a fan of the New York Yankees.

I was lucky enough to start watching baseball in the later 90s and my introduction to the game saw the Core Four and Bernie become Yankees legends. I was able to witness Scott Brosius go from an unknown to a World Series MVP. I am thankful to have witnessed Godzilla come to America and for Johnny Damon to redeem himself by stealing second and third on one pitch against the Phillies.

While things have not always been great for the Yankees, I am still thankful to be a fan. How many teams across North American sports have fans that expect to compete for a championship each year? As a Jets fan losing has become an expectation. Could you imagine being a Tigers or Phillies fan? Clubs that seem to struggle despite larger payrolls? It is nice being a Yankees fan and knowing that we are going to compete every year. Meanwhile, the Yankees haven’t had a losing record since 1992.

Another great part about being a Yankees fan are great announcers. I personally love Michael Kay, John Sterling, Paul O’Neill, Suzyn Waldman and all of the other great names in the booth. I still love hearing Ken Singleton call games and will be sad the day he fully retires. Meanwhile, the history of the Yankees is amazing. Names like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Mantle, Munson….the list goes on and on with baseball royalty. While other teams are quick to retire a number of a player that made little overall impact, the plaques in Monument Park are some of the very best to ever play the game.

Finally, there is nothing is sports as iconic as the pinstripes and the Yankees logo. You can go anywhere in the world and see the interlocking NY logo. The brand of the Yankees is incredible and we have without a doubt the most passionate fans in the sport. While the last 10 years without a championship have been disappointing, I will always be thankful for being a Yankees fan.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!