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Plaques in the main hallway identify inductee classes in the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum July 25, 2004 in Cooperstown, New York. (Photo by A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

2021 BP Team Hall of Fame Ballot

Later today, the 2021 MLB Hall of Fame results will be announced. This has been a momentous day the past few years, with beloved Yankee legends Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, and Mike Mussina getting inducted. This year, however, will probably be a different story with nobody likely to get elected. Below you can see where the votes lie on public ballots, bearing in mind players need to clear the 75% threshold to gain election.

As you can see, nobody is above the 75% threshold, and it is likely nobody will because non-public ballots are notorious for being stingier than public ballots. According to that 538 article, it is doubtful anybody will get elected this year. However, that didn’t stop your dutiful BP scribes from filling out our own Hall of Fame ballots and weighing in on who we would induct if we had the power. Thanks to our writing team for filling out the ballot, you can find them on Twitter @tqua2ci @Sleonardi11 @mikegwizdala @NkirbyNYY @rohanarcot20 @mypinstripes @SashaLueck @ncostanzo24 @jefeoriginal  Here are our voting results:

Unlike the actual Hall of Fame, we are inducting Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Both players are marred by PED controversies, with their vote totals stagnating in the upper 60/low 70 percentages the past few years. With only one year of eligibility remaining, we will have to see if these two can overcome the anti-PED crowd and gain induction. Hopefully the BBWAA voters listen to Tiana who told me “Steroid users should be in the hall of fame. I want that stated as my opinion in the article lmao.”

The biggest difference between our ballot and the public ballots is for Curt Schilling who by most metrics is absolutely a Hall of Famer based on his play alone. However, he is a professional asshole (I promise that was the nice version) who our writers did not feel is worthy of baseball’s highest honor.

Former Yankees

There are several former Yankees on the ballot, most notably Core Four (should be five including Bernie Williams) member Andy Pettitte. Unfortunately, he will not be joining his buddies in Cooperstown on either the real ballot or our fake one. Andruw Jones briefly played for the Yankees as his career winded down, and if he gets elected it will be for his incredible play with the Braves in the late 90s and 2000s. Outfielders Bobby Abreu and Nick Swisher also got some love from our team. Abreu has the better overall case, though if we really want to celebrate baseball, I can’t think of anyone who better personifies energy than Nick Swisher. He’s a hall of famer in my book because of how much fun he is, to the point that my sister became a Yankee fan because of him. This is the type of guy I want in the HOF:


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