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60 reasons to get excited for a 60-game Yankees season

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about the 2020 New York Yankees season. In case you needed some additional motivation, below are 60 reasons to be pumped up for the 60-game slate!

1. Aaron Judge’s rocket arm

2. He hits, too

3. The Best Mike T. in Baseball

4. Ottavino’s Slider

5. Gettin’ Higgy with it

6. Listening to John & Suzyn on the radio

“It is high, it is far it is… caught at the wall!”

7. Clint Frazier’s bat speed

8. Potential for a socially-distanced Boone ejection

9. Gio being an absolute wizard at third base

10. Hale in the forecast

11. Mike Ford hitting 680-foot bombs

12. Calories don’t count on gamedays

Have that extra hot dog. You deserve it.

13. The YES Network intro

14. A 23-Year-Old Gleyber

15. The return of Monty

16. Tyler Wade’s speed

17. Gardy Parties

18. Extra servings of Lasagna

19. A Potential Cole/deGrom matchup

20. That Cole guy? He’s awesome

21. Big Maple

22. The Rivalry

23. Gleyber frustrating Gary Thorne


24. The YES crew back in the booth

25. The Kraken

26. He’s got a cannon, too

27. Walk-off wins

28. Miggy’s back

29. A reunion with some familiar friends


30. Chad Green

31. Giancarlo Bombs

32. The P.C. Richard & Son strikeout whistle

33. A shot at the champs

34. Gleyber bombs

35. Zack Britton’s filth

36. Matchups with the other defending East champs

37. Terrible sports radio calls

38. The Machine

39. Clutch home runs

40. Clutch catches, too

41. Pimp jobs (one more Hicksy highlight)

42. Showdowns with the Rays

43. Meetings with the captain

44. Six Subway Series games instead of four

45. Luke is your father

46. Clarke Schmidt’s debut

47. Did we mention Gerrit Cole?

48. Betting on the Yankees

Yankees ML & the over, every night.

49. Mike King’s time to shine

50. Twitter being about Yankees baseball again

2020 has been filled with almost exclusively negative news. It’s good to have baseball back in our lives.

51. Tanaka time

52. Tanaka’s social media captions

53. Bounce-back Happ

55. Thairo Estrada power

56. Tommy Kahnle’s changeup

57. Kahnle’s energy

58. Yankees baseball almost every day for two months straight

59. The chase for 28

60. Following all the action right here @BronxPinstripes