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Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo are making an impact

The Yankees have had offensive inconsistencies all season. They struggled to score runners they had on base, leaving insane amounts of men on in games they’d lose by narrow margins. This frustration made the Yankees extremely hard to watch, because they always felt like they were on the cusp of going on a run just to fall one hit short. In steps Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo, the beautiful Italian Kings. We’re a week into the Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo era, and these two have already made their impact known.

Improvement in Team Offense

Despite a slump from Aaron Judge, the Yankee offense has posted a 108 wRC+ since July 31. That’s only the 9th best mark in the league, but that’s heavily skewed by the Miami series. Since the Miami series ended, they’ve exploded for a 133 wRC+ as a team. One of the biggest differences lately is the Yankees’ ability to navigate through tough RHPs out of the bullpen.

Paul Sewald in his career has posted a 20.2% K-BB% and .293 wOBA vs right-handed hitters, while he’s only at a 16.6% K-BB% and .338 wOBA against left-handed hitters. As Judge and Stanton set the table, in stepped a struggling Gallo, who just squeaked one over the short porch for the lead. If that were Gleyber Torres, would the Yankees have won that game? Most likely not.

Gallo’s got a 172 wRC+ in his last four games, a sign of good things to come. Now for Anthony Rizzo? Well, his impact speaks for itself

Adding Anthony Rizzo Won Us An Entire Series

We knew Rizzo was red-hot before he was traded here, but no one could’ve anticipated that he’d be this good. With a 381 wRC+ vs the Marlins and multiple huge hits, he single-handedly changed the series. Without Rizzo, the Yankees probably drop 2/3 and have a completely different feel as a team. He’s changed everything for the Yankees and had they let him go to Boston, the Yankees could’ve been buried in the standings. While it knocks Luke Voit out of the lineup, for now, we all know that Rizzo is the better 1B. His 5 OAA and .367 xwOBA on the season makes him one of the most complete 1B according to Statcast, and it’s been great.

Can The Yankees Finally Go On a Run?

If the Yankees can somehow figure out how to beat teams without Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery, and Gary Sanchez, they’re going to be scary good. They have a lighter schedule over the next six games, but they have a really tough opponent in the White Sox for who they won’t have some key pieces. The Bronx Bombers have won a lot as of late, but they’ve got to keep the momentum going. Boston and Tampa are still good, and Toronto’s been white-hot as of late. There’s no time to slow down, as the rest of the American League is relentless.

I think Rizzo and Gallo can be that spark. They’ve already made their impact on the team known, and they can lead an underperforming squad to the promised land.