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Boone expects Yankees to play with “extra edge” in 2020

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone hopped on MLB Network Radio and offered the mentality of his ballclub with spring training a month away. Boone spoke about how some recent disappointments could serve as even more of a motivator this season.

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“I think it definitely sharpens everyone’s focus and everyone’s hunger,” Boone remarked on coming up short in 2019.

“I feel like we have a very hungry group. And this is a team now even going back to the year before I got here that’s really come pretty close and been knocking on the door and certainly been one of those teams that we feel like could be a championship team,” Boone noted on reaching the ALCS in two of the past three seasons.

“We understand how close we are. We’ve obviously dealt with success and the pain of not finishing it off and not breaking through,” Boone added.

Yet, Boone believes his squad of savages will play with an “extra edge” in the 2020 campaign.

“I do think that hopefully, you don’t need too much of a push when you’re a major league athlete but I think when you do get close and you come up short it does give you a little extra edge hopefully going into the offseason that we benefit from,” Boone said.