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BP Team 2020 Season Predictions

With Opening Day (finally!) upon us, it’s time to unveil our annual season predictions. I’m typing this up Thursday morning hopeful that the rain holds off and we can see Gerrit Cole unleash fury on the Washington Nationals in about seven hours. The jitters are real, the excitement is palpable, and it’s time to find out what the BPTeam thinks will happen this year.

This is a New York Yankees blog, the Yankees are the best team in the AL East and we all picked them to win the division, winning between 36 and 43 games in this 60 game season. That’s a rate between 97 to 116 wins over a full season pace. Shoutout to Tiana for believing the Yankees can match the pace of the 2001 Mariners!  And we all think the Yankees will make the World Series regardless of who they face along the way.

As expected, the NL is a little more all over the place. Aside from agreeing on the Los Angeles Dodgers as the best team in the NL West, our writers chose 3-4 teams in each division as potential division winners. However, we clearly agree that the Dodgers and Atlanta Braves are the best teams in the NL and likely foes for the Yankees in the World Series. Thankfully we all agree that the Yankees will hoist title No. 28 in a few months.

Onto the award winners! We generally agree Mike Trout is the best player in baseball, will likely win the MVP. Condolences to Victoria, I know you’re new to BP, but picking a Houston Astros player for MVP is playing with fire right now lol. However, I appreciate the “want to watch the world burn energy” from that pick.

The awesome thing about being a Yankee fan right now is just how many great position players they have. Judge, Sanchez, Torres, and Cole are all worthy MVP candidates. The NL has a ton of studs right now including up and coming players like Acuna and Soto. Combined with past MVPs in Yelich, Bellinger, and new $392 million dollar man Mookie Betts, there is no shortage of worthy candidates. Cole is the general pick for Cy Young, but don’t sleep on Shane Bieber!  He struck out 259 batters last year and only walked 40 and is just getting better. Stephen and I are on the same page when it comes to pitchers – with us both picking Bieber and thinking Paxton is in for a HUGE year now that his back should be better.  Special shoutout to Milan for trolling us with a Sonny Gray Cy Young pick, though nothing would be more 2020 than that happening.

I want to highlight Karen’s answer that none of the Yankees will get in trouble because they are perfect. I implicitly trust Karen because she has a special connection to Jesus and I feel much better now, thank you. How I’m the only one who thinks a Tommy Kahnle celebration will go wrong and violate every rule around is beyond me. We also as a group believe the most likely record to fall is a further uptick in reliever strikeouts.

I’ll just leave that here. If you haven’t watched it already, check out the Bronx Pinstripes Hype Video before tonight’s game!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This does not account for MLB potentially adding half of each league to its postseason format.