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Bronx Bombers are back baby!

BRONX, N.Y. — Start the regular season already! The Bronx Bombers put on quite the home run derby Sunday night at Yankee Stadium. Yes, it was still another exhibition contest but the New York Yankees looked locked in during their 6-0 blanking of the New York Mets.

The boys in the pinstriped pants blasted five home runs on the evening.

Right off the rip in the first frame, Aaron Judge crushed his first of two homers on the game. Both Judge smashes (he also went yard in the sixth) went to left, which tells you about what kind of shape he’s in if he’s turning on the ball like that.

During the fourth frame, Gary Sanchez absolutely tattooed a solo swat to the upper deck in left, so you know he feels August is right around the corner.

In the sixth, the svelt Luke Voit drilled one into Monument Park and did hit pattened hop.

Placing the cherry on the top in the seventh inning was a Giancarlo Stanton moon shot to left.

I’m not a math major, so shout out to Max Goodman of Sports Illustrated, who totaled the homers at a combined total distance of 2,119 feet.

Oh yeah, and the pinstriped pitching was also on point. The Last Dance was fun to watch but the Yankees’ Jordan was a joy to watch this Sunday night. Jordan “I’m Gumby damnit!” Montgomery, tossed five scoreless frames, fanning six.

Jonathan Loaisiga turned in three scoreless innings and Jonathan Holder finished off the ninth with a scoreless frame of his own.