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Can we pump the brakes on the Dominguez hype?

Listen, I get why there’s hype surrounding Jasson Dominguez. He’s the #32 prospect in baseball at age 18. Jeff Passan just wrote this about him a week ago:

And, of course, there have been endless videos of him murdering baseballs in batting practice.

But the hype is officially too much. The New York Post tweeted this article out yesterday:

What are we trying to accomplish here? This kid has not played one professional game yet. Is he a physical specimen that has loads of potential? Sure. But nothing good comes out of setting the bar with Trout, who is not only the best player in baseball right now, but someone who will go down as an all-time great. In addition to Trout, Dominguez has also been compared to the greatest switch-hitter of all-time in Mickey Mantle, and one of the best athletes ever in Bo Jackson.

I get that it’s a clickbaity way to get Yankee fans excited about their top prospect, but these comparisons are seriously doing Dominguez a disservice. It’s at the point where this kid could become the next Bernie Williams, and still not live up to the hype. It’s not as if the Yankees are this brutally bad team where we have nothing to look forward to besides a prospect with a current ETA of 2024. Let’s just enjoy the team on the field and let Dominguez develop into whatever kind of player he’s going to be.