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CC is not having Verlander’s bull$#!+

NEW YORK โ€” The BBWAA dinner was held Saturday night in New York City. Justin Verlander, a member of the cheating Houston Astros, was there to speak and pick up his AL Cy Young Award. Verlander, infamous for criticizing other people or teams until it happens to his, was back at it again.

Verlander joked about the Astros being more “technologically and analytically advanced” than other teams.

I mean, Rubbermaid makes a fine trashcan but this is another example of why these guys need to be suspended and the Astros should be placed on one-year probation with no postseason in 2020. This comes just after Dallas Keuchel’s non-apology apology the other day.

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Also in the crowd was CC Sabathia and he was not having it. Sabathia was on hand to accept his award for Long and Meritorious Service to the game. The big man and legendary New York Yankees lefty was understandably ticked after being robbed of a World Series title.

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Sabathia, who has also called out the Astros prior to this, apparently left either during or shortly after the speech.

Verlander, who has also been critical on issues like sign stealing, PED’s and domestic abuse when it comes to other players and teams should really quit while he’s ahead or before CC meets him in the parking lot.