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Could Miguel Andujar be the next Yankees left fielder?

BRONX, N.Y. — It’s nice to have options. The New York Yankees have plenty of those in left field and Miguel Andujar is certainly one of them.

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On MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM, Jim Bowden spoke to those options and Andujar’s potential role in left.

“If Andujar showed them that he can be average in left field, I think he starts in left and Tauchman comes in and plays defense and Tauchman plays against certain pitchers and they use Tauchman as the fourth outfielder and Andujar wins left field,” Bowden commented on how Andujar’s bat could play a factor into the Yankees’ outfield defensive alignment.

Bowden noted how the club loves the defensive trio of Mike Tauchman, Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge, and having Giancarlo Stanton at DH. Yet, if Andujar’s defense is respectable and his bat plays like Alfonso Soriano, he could push into a larger role.

“He is a fascinating guy. I love the bat,” Bowden said.

“The Yankees are in a good position with him because of the option. If all of a sudden they get to Opening Day and they want to go Tauchman, Gardner, Judge, Stanton DH, [Luke] Voit at first, [Gio] Urshela at third, option him out and let him go play left field every day in the minor leagues. Let him keep learning the position and then bring him up when he’s ready to be that average defensive left fielder,” Bowden added.