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Derek Jeter Renting “St. Jetersburg” to Tom Brady

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is moving into the former residence of the newly-elected baseball Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter.

Upon reaching a deal with Tampa Bay during the NFL off-season, the first-time free agent Brady decided to move on from the New England Patriots. For the first time in his 20-year career, he will play his home games outside of Foxborough, Mass., and with that comes a change of address.

Jeter had the 30,000-square foot St. Petersburg home built in the early 2010’s. After becoming the head honcho for the group that bought the Miami Marlins, he and his family have since been spending most of their time in south Florida. With the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom palatial estate currently vacant, Brady and his bunch will be renting it out for the foreseeable future.

The mansion’s value is estimated at about $14,020,436, however the people who have now inhabited the home are worth plenty more than that. With the Brady’s moving in, a grand total of 11 World Championships, 2 global supermodels, and nearly one billion dollars have lived in the place nicknamed “St. Jetersburg.” This begs to question whether any other American residence has housed more successful personalities, except for perhaps 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C.

“The Captain” and the (self-proclaimed) “G.O.A.T.” share more similarities than model wives and championship pedigrees. Both are products of the University of Michigan, and the pair of Wolverines have between them 40+ professional years in baseball and football. Brady will one day become a fixture in Canton, Ohio as Jeter will be in Cooperstown this summer, but for at least the next two years, he will call Tampa Bay home as Jeter did in his twilight years.

On a personal note, it is a pleasure to write an article about Tom Brady moving. As a long suffering Jets fan, mostly at the hands of Brady and the Patriots, I was ready to pack Tom’s bags and personally drive him anywhere he wanted to play, so long as it was out of the AFC East. I can now wish him nothing but success far away in the Sunshine State.