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Did you know Derek Dietrich is a trained juggler?

I was doing a little research on all the guys in Spring Training for the Yankees with a shot to make the roster for our recording of George’s Box later today, and started to dive into Derek Dietrich. I don’t think he’s going to make the team, and I’ll discuss why on the podcast that will come out tomorrow.

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All I knew about Dietrich before today is that he can be viewed as cocky, gets hit with a lot of pitches, and recently can’t bat above .200, but that was until I got to his “Personal Life” on Wikipedia.

Yes, his grandfather played Major League Baseball and was on the losing side of one of the most lopsided trades in history. However, this is a juggling blog so you’ll have to research that on your own.

Derek Dietrich can not only juggle, but he can juggle his ass off. I googled it and found this 10 minute video of him juggling for the crowd after a minor league game.

Don’t have 10 minutes for this? Let’s just skip to him juggling fire.

Again, I don’t think he’s making the team unless he learns how to juggle playing shortstop, but we’ll dive more into that on George’s Box.