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Everyday is Gleyber Day with the new schedule

Although official schedules haven’t been released yet, we do know the Yankees could be facing each AL East team 10 times, and each NL East team four times, to cut down on travel.

The possible schedule is a pretty sight for Yankee fans, but its gets even better when you start to think back at Gleyber’s performance against the Baltimore Orioles in 2019.

The Yankees could play about 16% of their games against the Orioles, who have constantly under preformed when facing Gleyber and The Bronx Bombers.

 Gleyber breaks records

Last year against the Orioles, Gleyber hit 13 home runs, tying and passing Sammy Sosa for the most home runs against a single team in a season since divisional play started in 1969. His 13 home runs only fall one short of tying Lou Gehrig’s 14, the record set previous to divisional play.

Torres also joined teammate Gary Sanchez in becoming the only two players in history to hit more than eight home runs against a single opponent before June.  Gleyber also broke the record for most multi home run games in history against a single team in one season with four.  Five of Torres’ six multi home run games in his career have also came against the O’s:

  • May 22, 2019 at Orioles
  • May 20, 2019 at Orioles
  • May 15, 2019 vs Orioles
  • April 4, 2019 at Orioles
  • Aug. 1, 2018 at Orioles

Add all of it up, and Gleyber hit about 35% of his home runs in 2019 against Baltimore. Just absurd.

Not just home runs

Torres didn’t just excel at hitting home runs against the O’s. Gleyber’s stats all around are better against Baltimore than any other team he faced more than five times.

According to Baseball Reference, Torres scored a total of 22 runs in the 18 games played against the O’s. Gleyber also had 26 hits, four of which were doubles, and 20 RBI. His SLG percentage and OPS percentages are outrageous, at 1.045 and 1.512 respectively. Torres also had a batting average of .394 compared to his .278 over the season.

It’s Gleyber Day

With 10 of the 60 games against Gleyber’s favorite squad, it will certainly be a fun season. Torres hit eight home runs in about 12 games against Baltimore last year, so my prediction is we will see about the same number in the 10 games this season.

I expect to hear a whole lot of John Sterling’s home run calls during Orioles games.