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Ex-Yankees pitcher McDowell accuses LaRussa of cheating

BRONX, N.Y. — The plot thickens.

According to former New York Yankees starting pitcher Jack “Black Jack” McDowell, the current sign-stealing scandal with cameras goes as far back as the 1980s.

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During a radio interview with WFNZ-AM in Charlotte, N.C., McDowell accused former manager Tony LaRussa of utilizing the method in the late ’80s as skipper of the Chicago White Sox.

As first reported in The Sporting News, the 1993 Cy Young Award winner claims the club would zoom in on opposing catchers, coupled with a light in an outfield Gatorade sign which was able to be controlled from the manager’s office. Those tools would allegedly allow hitters to know what pitchers were coming.

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McDowell, who was called up a year after LaRussa left for Oakland, also blasted the Hall of Fame manager for enabling the steroid era with the A’s.

It’s also noteworthy that now-former Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow, was with the St. Louis Cardinals organization when LaRussa also managed there. Plus, LaRussa also served in a front-office role with the Boston Red Sox in each of the past two seasons, along with their former skipper Alex Cora.

McDowell also noted that opposing pitchers were able to nip the stealing in the bud by having more leniency to hit batters or throw inside.

“The Yankee Flipper,” who toiled in the Bronx during the 1995 season, appears to be flipping the bird to the notion that this scandal is something new.