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Examining a Freddy Galvis trade

Continuing their recent winning ways, the Yankees took two of three over the weekend against the Nationals.

The team feels like it is rounding the corner as players like Aaron Hicks and Gleyber Torres are finding their swings. Meanwhile, the team is led by the powerful Giancarlo Stanton while waiting on a resurgence from the usually reliable Aaron Judge. While the bigger names are starting to find their groove, the Yankees still have some holes that need to be addressed.

The team is overly right-handed and could use an upgrade over Tyler Wade off the bench. It appeared that Rougned Odor was the answer due to his penchant for clutch hits, but a .164 average and a recent knee injury shouldn’t stop the Yankees from exploring upgrades or adding depth.

Why Freddy Makes Sense

The Baltimore Orioles signed Galvis to a one-year deal this offseason worth only $1.5 million. He has rewarded them handsomely by slashing .284/.340/.505 with four home runs. Unlike Odor, Galvis is a natural shortstop and for his career has graded as a league-average defender. Galvis has also played second and third in his professional career and even made some appearances in left field; however only 12 total games and none since 2017.

Galvis has bounced around quite a bit in his career since starting as a top-prospect with the Phillies. After six seasons in Philadelphia, he departed as a free agent in 2018 and spent time with the Padres, Blue Jays and Reds before stopping in Baltimore. At one point, Galvis was seen as a threat to steal some bases, despite owning plus speed it looks like his days of swiping bags are over as he has only made nine attempts over the past three seasons.

While Galvis is only an average defender and no longer a base stealer, the main reasons the Yankees might consider him is his contract and switch-hitting abilities. All four of his home runs have been hit while batting from the left side which is consistent with his career splits. His impact with the bat makes him a clear upgrade over Tyler Wade and his ability to play short could make him a more favorable long-term option over Odor.

Why the Yankees Might Look Elsewhere

While Galvis may be an upgrade over Wade, the Yankees could view Odor as the answer for left-handed infielder off the bench. Odor is already on the roster while the Yankees would need to clear a roster spot to accommodate Galvis. The Yankees seem comfortable with allowing Gio Urshela to back up Gleyber Torres at short and may not view a backup shortstop as a necessity this season.

The team could also look for a bigger acquisition. Players like Kris Bryant and Trevor Story may be made available and would certainly be bigger fishes than Galvis. If the Yankees feel they are closing in on a championship, they may be willing to go over the luxury tax line to acquire a player that could push them over the top. And while Galvis is having a nice season, only two years ago he had an OBP that was under .300. Some regression is likely for Galvis which could make him a non-factor.

Finally, the Yankees would have to send prospects or international bonus money to a division rival. Yes, Freddy Galvis won’t go for top or even mid-level prospects but trades within the division are almost always more expensive.