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Jeter gives thanks, talks Hall of Fame

MANHATTAN, N.Y. — At a Wednesday press conference in Manhattan, Derek Jeter and Larry Walker donned their new Hall of Fame caps and jerseys in front of reporters.

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Both took the opportunity to thank the baseball writers for voting them into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

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“This is an absolute honor. It’s an honor for me to go into the Hall of Fame alongside Larry [Walker], alongside Ted Simmons and congratulations to the late Marvin Miller and his family,” Jeter said regarding his election.

Jeter noted how the designation was far from his thoughts during the daily grind of his playing days.

“This is something that is not a part of the dream when you’re playing. You’re playing and you’re just trying to keep your job. That’s first and foremost and you’re trying to compete year in and year out and you’re trying to win. When your career is over and done with then it’s up to the writers. So I just want to once again thank the baseball writers,” Jeter said.

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Jeter also thanked his family members, who helped support him in achieving this ultimate goal.

“I want to thank my family, my parents, my sister is not here, my wife is here today, two young daughters who are too young to make it but one day I’ll be able to show ’em some highlights, so thank you once again,” Jeter added.

Additionally, the Yankee Captain talked about the pride he took in wearing the pinstripes.

Plus, Jeter added some levity about his current ownership role with the Miami Marlins.

Finally, in a true classic, classy Jeterian fashion, Derek stayed above the fray, deciding to focus on the 396 votes he received, rather than the one he didn’t.